Establishment of TOYO Corporation China

Establishment of TOYO Corporation China
TOYO Corporation has contributed to Japan's industrial arena through the most advanced "Measurement" technologies - TOYO has grown in tandem with the development of Japanese industries.At the core of TOYO's business is technological innovation, and basic research and development activities that drive such innovations are getting increasingly more important these days.The most advanced "Measurement" technologies that TOYO provides with additional values no other party could offer greatly help the Japanese industries that are exposed to keen competition in the global markets.
TOYO Corporation China (東揚精測系統), a wholly owned subsidiary of TOYO Corporation, provides high-accuracy original systems not only for the physical property measurement and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurement, both being our primary business focuses, but also for such other growing industrial fields as the energy and environment sectors.Being not merely as a measurement technique supplier but as a leading system supplier, TOYO Corporation China is going to contribute to technological innovations as a trust-worthy partner.
Keeping in mind the importance of being sincere,TOYO Corporation China strives to be a reliable company that can adequately grasp the problem facing each one of its customers and propose the most suitable solutions to them.To achieve these objectives, all of our employees need to have high skills and strong aspiration for self-improvement.TOYO Corporation China therefore is making continued efforts through periodical training sessions to educate our employees to be sincere, dependable engineers with technical skills and knowledge.Furthermore,to say nothing of law abidance,TOYO Corporation China bears corporate ethics, contribution to the local community, consideration to the environment/resources, and information security among the focuses in making its own internal systems and rules.
Holding firmly to our start-up philosophy of "Being a Technology Interface",TOYO Corporation China will do its utmost to be able to contribute to the even greater industrial development of the People's Republic of China.

●Registered Name:东扬精测系统(上海)有限公司 
● English Name:TOYO Corporation China
● Address:Room310, Enterprise Square, 228# Meiyuan Road, Zhabei Area, Shanghai
● Date of Establishment:October 2010
● Capital:US$ 2,000,000-
● Tel:+86-21-63809633
● Fax:+86-21-63809699