Materials / Energy

Technical Center

Assisting the Generation and Utilization of Renewable Energy

We help countless researchers and technical experts find the best solutions they need for precise material analysis and performance tests in research fields as broad as to encompass renewable energy generation (such as photovoltaic (PV) batteries, rechargeable batteries, power semiconductors, and electricity conversion apparatus) and the entire development process for energy conversion apparatus (from the fundamental research phase to development testing).In addition to the latest instruments by manufacturers overseas, the products we have developed based on the measurement technologies we fostered are also used for these purposes.


    1. Fuel Cell Evaluation Systems
    2. Secondary Battery Evaluation Systems
    3. Electrochemical Measurement Systems
    4. Photovoltaic Module Test Systems
    5. Semiconductor Material Evaluation Systems
    1. Liquid Crystal Flat Panel Test Systems
    2. Ultra Low Temperature Measurement Systems
    3. Magnetic Material & Magnetic Field Measurement Systems
    4. General-purpose Measurement Instruments & Power Supplies

TOYO LCD/Energy products global sales network

    1. ■English (TOYOTech LLC site)
    2. ■Chinese (TOYO Corporation China site)


    1. AMETEK Programmable Power
    2. Andeen-Hagerling, Inc.
    3. Chroma ATE Inc.
    4. Comemso GmbH
    5. Data Translation
    7. ElectroChem, Inc.
    8. Elsicon, Inc.
    9. FLC Electronics Inc.
    10. GE Sensing
    11. GMW Associates
    12. GW Instruments, Inc.
    13. Instec, Inc.
    14. Kepco, Inc.
    15. King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.
    16. Labortechnik Tasler GmbH
    17. Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
    18. Maccor, Inc.
    19. MATESY GmbH
    20. Microstar Laboratories, Inc.
    21. Neocera, LLC
    1. NexTech Materials, Ltd.
    2. Novonix Battery Testing Services Inc.
    3. NorECs Norwegian Electro Ceramics AS
    4. OECO
    5. Princeton Applied Research
    6. Radiant ZEMAX, LLC
    7. Scribner Associates, Inc.
    8. Signal Recovery
    9. Solaronix
    10. Solartron Analytical
    11. Tabor Electronics Ltd.
    12. Teledyne Hastings Instruments
    13. Wayne Kerr Electronics Ltd.
    14. XiTRON Technologies, Inc.

Overseas Agencies

  1. Eritech Advance Corp.
  2. Merck Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  3. Merck Ltd., Hong Kong
  4. Sungmoon Systech Corp.


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