Ocean / Defense & Security

Technical Center

Providing the Latest Technologies to “Measure” the Ocean

Japan has entered an active earthquake period, and extreme weather caused by global warming is becoming a serious issue. Also the resource depletion issue is forcing Japan to work on marine electricity generation and submarine mineral resources development as top priority tasks.
ermore, due to the current unstable world situation, the importance of underwater security and defense is growing significantly.
Under such circumstances, with "Measuring the Ocean" in mind, our Marine and Ocean Measurement Technology Division has been providing a variety of marine measurement instruments together with installation and other technical support.


    1. Multibeam Echosounders
    2. Acoustic Video Cameras
    3. Underwater Vehicles (ROV/AUV/Glider)
    4. Unmanned Surface Vehicles
    5. Sub-Bottom Profilers
    6. Seismic Survey Systems
    7. Sidescan Sonar Systems
    8. Forward Looking Sonars
    9. Acoustic Positioning Systems
    10. Inertially-Aided GPS Positioning and Orientation Systems
    11. Inwater Holographic Microscope Systems
    12. Hydrographic Survey and Processing Software
    13. Interactive 4D Geo-spatial Processing and Analysis Software
    14. Hydrophones/Transducers
    15. Water Side Security Systems
    16. Special Equipment for Divers
    17. Underwater Data Communication Systems
    18. Acoustic Doppler Instrumentation
    19. Optronics Sights
    20. Slurry Pumps and Dredge Equipment
    21. Airborne Gravimeter/Marine Gravimeter
    22. Fishfinder/Scientific Echosounder


    1. AML Oceanographic Ltd.
    2. Applanix Corporation
    3. Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd.
    4. ASV (ASV Global, LLC)
    5. BioSonics Inc.
    6. Blueprint Subsea
    7. C-MAX Ltd.
    8. Canadian Micro Gravity
    9. DOER Marine
    10. Eddy Pump Corporation
    11. FarSounder, Inc.
    12. 4Deep Inwater Imaging
    13. GNOM
    14. HPI (High Pressure Instrumentation)
    15. HYPACK
    16. INNOMAR Technologie GmbH
    17. ITER Systems
    18. iXBlue
    19. MSI Transducer Corporation
    20. Microflown AVISA BV
    21. Neptune Sonar Limited
    22. Nortek AS
    23. Oceanic Imaging Consultants, Inc.
    24. Patriot 3, Inc.
    25. Quality Positioning Services, B.V.
    26. R2 Sonic, LLC
    27. Remote Ocean Systems
    28. Riptide Autonomous Solutions
    29. Safran Electronics & Defense
    30. SALT (Subsea Asset Location Technologies Ltd.)
    31. SIG France
    32. Seafloor Systems, Inc.
    33. SEAMOR Marine Ltd.
    34. Sensor Technology Limited.
    35. Sercel Marine Source Business Unit
    36. Sonardyne International Ltd.
    37. Sound Metrics Corporation
    38. SyQwest Inc.
    39. Teledyne CARIS, Inc.
    40. Teledyne Gavia ehf
    41. Teledyne TSS Ltd.
    42. Teledyne Webb Research
    43. Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik GmbH
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