Simple measurement system for EMI TS0100

This is a package for simplified EMI measurements on products, boards, and components in the development and prototype phases. It is an easy-to-use bench-top test package that enables EMI measurements and evaluation in an early stage of development in a short time. You can also display, save, and analyze on a PC the measurement results yielded by this package. TS0100_soft.jpg

title_package.gifSimple measurement system for EMI TS0100
Spectrum analyzer
EMI Probe set x 1 
Electric-field probe x 1 
Magnetic-field probe x 1 
High-impedance probe x 1 
Carrying case x 1
EMI Measurement software EP5/ME(Windows) x 1
Connecting cables and connectors x 1 set
  * Such other items as a PC, printer, preamplifier, QP detection, and tracking generator are options (not included in this package).