EMI mesurement system TS9949

EMI mesurement system TS9949
Compliant with CISPR, EN, FCC, VCCI, ETSI and many other relevant standards
Capable of a wide range of measurements, such as radiated emission, conducted emission, disturbance power, site attenuation, and antenna terminal measurements
Automating pre-compliance measurements through final measurements
In manual measurements, you can easily make on the PC various settings for the measuring instruments.
The combination of a spectrum analyzer and an EMI test receiver realizes a shorter measurement time and higher measurement accuracy.
The EP5/EP7 series software offers user-friendly operation.
Capability to control various manufacturers' spectrum analyzers, turntables, and antenna masts enables the use of customers' existing hardware.
Capable of measurements over 1GHz
Demand for the EMI measurement has been increasing and, if the measurement is automated, it will be completed in a shorter time and will achieve data reproducibility with high accuracy. The TS9949 has succeeded in making the EMI measurement much easier than before as a result of featuring the combination of an EMI test receiver and spectrum analyzer as well as TOYO Corporation's EP5/EP7 software. Besides, in order to overcome the reliability issue of measurement results, we have enabled this system to handle the following noises by adding noise evaluation modes: 
•EIntermittent noise 
•ENoise of which the level drastically changes in a moment 
•ENoises of different sources at close frequencies 
•ENoise with frequency fluctuation (e.g. switching power supply)