Low noise & High gain Pre-amplifier TPA-series

Make the microwave EMI measurement in high sensitivity!
TPA0108-40 type pre-amplifier achieved high gain and low Noise figure to be necessary by the EMI measurement more than 1GHz. It is designed in frequency range 1GHz - 8GHz, gain 40dB, NF 2.4dB and can measure EMI for enough sensitivity, even if it installed in the measurement room. In addition, it can be installed in a pit of the anechoic room or right under the receiving antenna because the unit is small. In the power supply unit DPS type, two channel DC power supply for pre-amplifier is built in, and it can be connected to two pre-amplifiers at the same time. High gain Pre amp TPA
Frequency Band  1~8GHz
Gain  40dB (Min.)
Flatness  ±1.5 dB (Max.)
Noise Figure  1.8 dB (Typ.)
Output Power  +13dBm (Min.)
VSWR  2.0 :1 (Max.)
Connecter Type  SMA
Size  6.5(5.0)W X 8.5(8.0)H X 7.5(6.5)Dcm
():without connecter