Educational Support

Rather than simply selling products, we also provide educational support to our customers so they can utilize our products to their fullest potential. Furthermore, we hold seminars on the latest technologies, use case examples, and new products in line with the industry trends, all to help our customers gather useful information.

Technology Interface Center

Technical Center At our Technology Interface Center, we have permanent seminar rooms, the two largest ones among which measure approximately 200m² (2,100ft²) each, where we hold various information and knowledge sharing seminars. Besides, a showroom has been installed in an effort to meet our customer needs, where demonstrations of the latest measurement instruments and sample measurements are conducted. Additionally, we host product training courses where we provide practical classes using actual instruments.


As part of our effort to fulfill our mission as a technically-oriented trading firm, we keep a close eye on the latest technology trends, and actively engage in providing information to our customers by holding seminars to introduce the latest technologies and discuss use case examples by inviting eminent Japanese professionals and engineers of overseas manufacturers. We select the venues by considering the convenience of customers - the seminars have so far been held in such places as Tokyo (at our Technology Interface Center), Hokkaido, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyushu, among others.

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We hold training courses as needed in order for our customers to acquire such knowledge as the basic operation and application methods of the products we provide. This is to help our customers master the usage of measurement instruments which are becoming more multi-functional and complex, thereby reducing the time they spend on research and development. Not only do we provide knowledge and skills to our customers, we also hope to grow with them as their strategic partner.


Utilizing the optimum tools for the issues our customers are facing, we propose solutions that best match their needs. In this way, we offer high quality services by fully utilizing the measurement knowledge we have accumulated over the course of many decades. For example, we can identify network problems and provide support from diagnosis to resolution.

Analysis Center

Imaging technologies play a large role in accelerating the research, development, and quality improvements for industries. We have established Analysis Center that has assembled the latest and the highest-quality imaging tools from across the world, including scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), 3-dimentional CT scanners, and scanning probe microscopes. We also hold workshops and seminars using actual instruments at our Analysis Center.

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HALT Technical Center

With the certification by Qualmark, a leading American company in HALT/HASS/HASA testing, we have established HALT Technical Center, where we operate a HALT system to help our customers gain a correct understanding in HALT/HASS/HASA technologies, which are indispensable to shorten the time for product development and field failure recreation. Testing services and technical training sessions are also offered at the Center.

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