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Message from the President

Creating the Future with Measurement Technology


TOYO Corporation has been contributing to Japanese industries through the provision of the world’s most advanced "Measurement Technologies" as its core competence. In order to play a role in enabling Japan as a technology-driven nation to demonstrate its technological prowess to the world, we have been consistently introducing the latest measurement instruments and technologies from around the world in such areas as information communication, material analysis/imaging, EMC/large antennas, mechanical dynamics measurement ( noise and vibration), marine measurement, software development assistance, and medical imaging. In conjunction with such endeavors, we have also been providing products developed by ourselves using the know-how accumulated over many years. The invention of blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in October 2014, was greatly assisted by our AC Hall measurement technology. Furthermore, TOYO also invests considerable effort to foster professional development and experience enrichment of our people, who in turn provide "Measurement Technologies" to our customers through custom consultations and seminars to assist in our customers’ technological advancement.


The key message for 2015 is "Empowerment and Responsibility". "Empowerment", as the word suggests, refers to encouraging our free-thinking motivated employees to pursue their technological endeavors with passion. At the same time, these employees are asked to do their utmost to responsibly accomplish the tasks entrusted to them. This is what "Responsibility" signifies, to say nothing of the ultimate responsibility of the top management.


Your business is filled with new possibilities. We are committed to continuing to serve your needs so that we can live up to - or even exceed - your expectations.


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